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About Us                               


Aspen Risk Management Group was founded by people who believe that safety, risk management, and human resources should make organizations run better.  Based on our experiences in multiple industries, our team came together to provide effective business improvement strategies and services for our clients.  

We are proud to be a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) www.vip.vetbiz.gov, and Certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE) www.pd.dgs.ca.gov/smbus/default.htm.

Our People
We rely on a core team of 20++ Safety Consultants, HR Consultants & Business Specialists with access to a network of professionals through our associations and affiliations.  Our three principals are Steve Thompson (President), Cathi Marx (Vice President), and Cait Casey (Vice President).

Our people have a variety of unique backgrounds, interests, and perspectives.  Together we are creating a great company doing the right things for our clients and society.

Social Entrepreneurship
We have a strong belief that companies have a responsibility to uplift our society as a whole.  For us, this active principle takes the following forms:

  • University and College Partnerships
  • Sponsorship of New Professionals in Industry Associations
  • 10% of Profits for Charity
  • Active Participation and Engagement in Non Profit Organizations 

Here are some sample beneficiaries:

Associations, Non Profits & Industry Associations
For a complete listing of the organizations we support, see www.aspenrmg.com/associations.htm