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Workplace Safety: A Guide For Small and Midsized Companies:  In bookstores and available everywhere, Workplace Safety: A Guide For Small and Midsized Companies, by Dan Hopwood and Steve Thompson, uses a straight-forward approach to creating the basic elements of a successful safety program. This book provides updated information and real world examples illustrating how to prevent as well as confront the common health and safety issues that arise in the workplace... For more information and to order, visit www.workplacesafetynow.comORDER YOUR COPY TODAY





Tools of the Trade: A Compilation of Programs and Processes for the Absence, Disability, Health and Productivity Professional: (featuring contributing author, Steve Thompson), gives the novice and seasoned professional alike the information they need to establish and manage their absence and disability management initiatives. Its 268 pages cover all the core topics such as: what programs can be integrated, how to start an initiative, legal compliance, key processes, diversity, metrics, ROI, workplace safety & regulatory requirements, and more. Published by DMEC, it also incorporates subject matter authors to provide additional best practice applications. This book is designed to be the most valuable desk reference in the industry.

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End Your Carpal Tunnel Pain without Surgery, Second Edition ORDER
by Kate Montgomery (Sports Touch) 

The Pain Free Program: A Proven Method to Relieve Back, Neck, Shoulder and Joint Pain, by Anthony Carey (Function First) ORDER
Health & Safety Management, by Daniel G. Hopwood (Zenith Insurance Company)  ORDER
Hard Market Selling: Thriving in the New Insurance Era:   Hard Market Selling guides each reader down a path of self-discovery and performance improvement. Starting with a state-of-the -industry: what’s right, what’s wrong, what needs to change, and how the changes will effect the market, the reader is challenged to cast aside traditional, "legacy" presumptions, historical performance benchmarks, and antiquated selling styles and replace them with an innovative, relationship-driven client development and service strategy that promotes value delivery, integrity, and partnership.  For more information and to order, please visit: www.gopolestar.comORDER YOUR COPY TODAY
Health & Safety Management, by Daniel G. Hopwood (Zenith Insurance Company)  ORDER

Risk, Safety & Human Resource Materials

Workplace Violence - A New Perspective - 2010  PDF
Cathi Marx

Stress Personalities and Priority Management - 2009   PDF
Steve Thompson and Cathi Marx (Sources: Mary Dempcy, Rene Tihista, and Scott Primiano / Polestar)

Greatest Lessons Learned in Achieving Safety Success - 2009 PDF
Steve Thompson

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